Joseph Odo

Economist by education and a graduate of University of Dar es salaam.

John Joklimdo
Vice Chairman
Co-founder and Vice Chairman of Zwangendaba.
Odo Kapilima Haule
Board Member
With an extensive background in finance management at the executive level, Odo Kapilima provides the sound financial platform that is essential to successful hotel management. He has held executive financial positions in the government.
Genfrida Haule
Board Member
Has over 25 years of combined experience in business management, hospitality and marketing.
Janeth Joseph
Board Member
Has over 30 years of experience oh hospitality industry and health management.
Emmanuel Mgoba
Board Member
Has over 35 years of vast experience in the hospitality industry. He previously worked at the Kilimamnjaro Hotel in Dar es salaam, heading the departments of marketing and administration as well as hotel operations and controls.